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Something Old, Something New in Year 2

Today I worked with Year 2. Their new topic is "Something Old, Something New." I decided to challenge the pupils to record videos explaining some objects from my youth which have since become obsolete due to more developed technology.

It was inspired after I saw this video online:

After providing pictures of a variety of objects:

The children used the app Shadow Puppets Edu to create short videos explaining what they thought these objects were and what they were used for. I have to admit I had a laugh at some of their innocent suggestions, which cheered me up after I realised how old I am! 
Once we completed the first video, we spent time talking about the objects and what they actually did and how modern technology has replaced many of them. The children then created another video giving an explanation of what they had learnt about each object. 
Using the app Shadow Puppets gave every child the opportunity to express their predictions and ideas and new found understanding. …

10 Medieval Pictures That Capture Life as a Teacher


A Battle in Britain: A Historical Explanation Pack

I am so excited to announce that the latest Read Write Perform pack is now available. We hoped it would have been available a little bit earlier, so we can only apologise for this. We have been inundated with questions as so many people have been waiting for this one.

Hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

The year is 1066. William, Duke of Normandy, is livid: he thinks he should be king over Harold. He sets sail from neighbouring France with a great army - not just a thumbs up ‘great army’ but a ‘wow, that’s a rather large and intimidating ‘great army’.
The Battle of Hastings, The War of the Roses,  the Roman invasion, these are just a few of the significant events which have shaped Great Britain. Let your pupils retell these events in the form of a humorous report, just like Bob Hale from Horrible Histories. 
A Unit of Work aimed at Key Stage 2 & 3. Through reading, researching and then writing an explanation text about a significant historical event, children create their own hum…

Adding the Interrobang to your iPhone keyboard

Recently, I shared this video about some little-known punctuation marks: 

It seemed to get a great reaction from teachers so I decided to put together a little video to show how you can add some of these punctation marks to your iPhone or iPad keyboard. The following video explains how to do it:

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Mr P's Top Ten Tips for Teachers Starting the New Year

Here is a video with some of my top tips for the new school year. This isn't tech based, it has more of a focus on wellbeing! Please feel free to share:

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Things Teacher Never Say When Going Back to School!

Are you guilty of saying these?

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Life as a Teacher told through Game of Thrones

Like most people, I am a MASSIVE fan of Game of Thrones. I do know how I will survive waiting for the final season!

I have previously blogged about the 12 Game of Thrones Characters You See In Every School! and What We Learn from Tyrion about Teaching!

Over the summer, I have created a series of videos using clips from the show to depict life as a teacher. I have created 7 different volumes, one for each season.

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For any #gameofthrones fans! Life as a Teacher told through Game of Thrones Vol. 1 #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teachers #teachersofig #got7 #got #teacherlife A post shared by Lee Parkinson (@ict_mrp) on Aug 16, 2017 at 12:47pm PDT
Life as a Teacher told through Game of Thrones vol. 2 Tag a #gameofthrones fan! Vol. 1 here - #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teacher #teacherlife A post shared by Lee Parkinson (@ict_mrp) on Aug 18, 2017 at 11:11am PDT

Plotagraph app - Adding more to photos

Firstly, a massive shout out to @MrPieLee as it was on his Instagram page where I first saw this app in action. 

I love using visuals in my teaching, I love allowing my pupils to use technology to create and share their understanding through the use of visuals.

I love the Live Photo feature in newer Apple devices which brings photos to life by recording what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture. I previously blogged about Live Photos and how we used the app Quik to share our recent Year 6 residential with parents. You can read it here.

This is an example of a video where we used the live photo option.

The added movement adds so much more when sharing and presenting. This was a message that came through when I attended a session at the recent Apple ADE summit. The app Plotagraph is a fantastic tool to add animation to a photo. 

The app isn't the cheapest, at roughly around a £5, it is more on the expensive side for an app. However, it is a great tool to bring pic…

Tech Teach Goals Assessment Series

One of the most exciting things to come out of the Apple ADE Summit was being part of the TechTeachGoals project. I have previously blogged about it here. Here is a quick video explaining the project:

The project will be sharing different apps and tools to use in the classroom to support different areas of teaching and learning. The first set of videos focused on assessment. These videos will hopefully give you an insight into some useful tech tools to use in the classroom to help with all things assessment.
1. Plickers by @ICT_MrP

2. Kahoot by @rooie_smithy

3. Socrative by @dunne_robbie

4. Seesaw by @Headdowneyesup

5. Explain Everything by @MrTullock

6. Showbie by @assthead_jones

7. Apple Classroom by @assthead_jones

We are now working on our next set of videos focusing on presentation... watch this space!

5 Facebook Groups Every Primary Teacher Should Join

Social Media is such a powerful tool to use in the classroom. I talk about this a lot on my training; demonstrating how it can be used to enhance learning in lots of different ways in the classroom and beyond.

As a teacher, I love using social media as a CPD tool. I have always been a massive advocate of using twitter as a teacher. One of my early blog posts talks about why every teacher should be on twitter, you can view it here. 

Personally, I now find Facebook to be an excellent way to discover new ideas, share resources and gain inspiring insights and views on everything education related. There are a wealth of Facebook groups where you can post questions, share ideas and resources and learn from some amazing teachers all over the world.
The reason why I would recommend joining these groups is that it gives you a platform to ask questions beyond your school walls. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a school where the other staff aren't as supportive or have a particular way o…

Introducing #T12: #TeachTechGoals

Last week, I travelled to London for the #ADE2017 Institute. I was incredibly proud of becoming part of this amazing community and I had such a fantastic time; learning so much and connecting with some awesome educators from all over Europe.

Still buzzing from the Apple #ADE2017 institute last week! Thank you so much to everyone for your support, it was quite a journey! Thanks to @princess_ak85 for dropping the award off! Plenty of ideas and blog posts to follow! #ADE2017 #adechat #teachtechgoals #t12 A post shared by Lee Parkinson (@ict_mrp) on Jul 23, 2017 at 12:43pm PDT

One of the many highlights was the project we started with a special group of teachers: introducing #T12 - @TechTeachGoals

The Team (from right to left) -- @Headdowneyesup@MrTullock@dunne_robbie@assthead_jones@rooie_smithy and myself. 
We were given the challenge of creating content together using the app Apple Clips (another blog about this app coming soon.) We decided on the hashtag #TeachTechGoals as a way…

Robinwood Residential

I was very fortunate to go on our Year 6 residential last week. We went to Robinwood's Dobroyd Castle complex in Todmorden.

We left on Wednesday and returned on Friday afternoon. We had an amazing time! I cannot recommend Robinwood enough. From the moment we arrived, the organisation, enthusiasm and effort from the staff was first class. The pupils had an amazing experience, as did the staff. The range of activities available to the children was great - click here to see.

I decided to use the trip as another great example of how social media can be utilised to share what we were doing with parents. There are so many reasons why I encourage schools to utilise social media and giving parents an insight into what their children were doing on residential is another. Our school has a blog, twitter, facebook and youtube channel. We find Facebook to be the best channel to engage our parents and we regularly update and share what we are doing through it. I particularly love the live featu…

I Didn't Know

No one forgets their first class. When my first class left Davyhulme, I was able to share this poem at the leavers assembly. I remember tearing up as I read it and thought I would share it as I am sure many followers of this blog can relate.

I found it online and have struggled to find the author. So if anyone knows please let me know and I will add it in. Here is the poem (I have adapted a few words):

I Didn't KnowI didn't know that years of school and a college degree would be of little consolation when facing a room full of bright little eyes on the first day of school. I thought I was ready,
I didn't know that five minutes can seem like five hours when there is idle time and an eight hour school day far too short for a well-planned day of teaching.
I didn't know that teaching children was only a fraction of my job.
No one tells you about the conferences and phone calls, staff meetings and committees, paperwork and paperwork...
I didn't know that it took so long to c…